Pet Care Information

The Five welfare needs of every pet

Before purchasing any pet, please ensure that you can meet the following five needs:

The Five Animal Welfare Needs

Environment: Pets should be given the correct housing according to its size, this includes a correcty sized comfortable place to sleep, outside shelter and space to exercise.

Diet: Pets should be offered the correct type and amount of food to cover all their nutritional needs including any health conditions alongside access to clean fresh water.

Behaviour: All pets should be allowed and encouraged to exhibit normal behaviour patterns and should be provided with the correct equipment to do so. This includes toys, litter trays and any other suitable equipment

Health: All animals should be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease though preventative care, and given veterinary treatment if they become sick or injured.

Company:  All pets will require a level of human company. Some pets also require the company of their own kind, whilst others should be kept on their own.


For more information please speak to a pet charity or your local vet

The Blue Cross also has an extensive range of pet care guides for extra information: